Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Broke Down

I broke down and went to school today. I had some errands to run in that direction so me and my youngest two sons went on to school. My youngest, 6, is still pretty engaged by the preschool toys. My middle son, 7, doesn't like to admit it, but usually finds something to keep his interest. My oldest, 11, is way too cool for preschool.

I had gotten started on putting the furniture back in order. For them to clean the carpet, I push all the furniture to one side of the room before I leave for the summer. Then they clean that half of the carpet, push the stuff to the other side, and clean that side. So it is a terrible mess. A positive though is that I really like the room arrangement I used last year so I pretty much put things back where they were. I did get a new bookshelf and flip flopped switched where my desk was and where the book corner was so that was a difference. And the bookshelf I got wasn't what I thought it was going to be. This is what it looks like and it is huge!

And this is what I thought it was going to be.

Oops! I'm not sure if they will take it back? Plus I'll have to have it shipped back so I'll probably just make do.

I bought it to replace an outward facing one with bins on the top that is just too tall to see over. I'm having my step-dad shave off the angled sides so I can still use the back as a regular bookshelf. Never get rid of a shelf unless you have to!

I also have him on a mission to fix my science shelf. I LOVE the cubby holesdf since we are supposed to have so many things out for science, but the outside of the shelf looks bad and the back is falling off. I want him to make a casing around it to make it look better and be safer. We'll see.....

While at school, I got all the furniture back into place and did a few other things. I had cleaned out my old file cabinet and put my files into a larger, nicer cabinet that LOCKS! So I had to dump all the old stuff so I could save the file folders. I also made my horseshoe table my to do pile. It is growing. I put a few things away in art, dramatic play, and table toys. And I measured for the wall shelves I'm going to get to put up. I'm desperate for storage as I'm sure every preschool teacher is. I have some wall-storage but the rest mats take all of it up. I'm going to expand it on one side so I can put some teaching supplies/toys up there too. I do have a nice closet, but it is full!

Lastly, I washed up and put the crates in the bathroom back together. I labeled them, too. I keep extra clothes for the kids at school. They are supposed to bring some but you know how that goes. I organized them by size in the bins. I had a few sets of clothes that were left from last year, so I put them in another stack of bins and labeled them: A-G, H-Q, and R-Z so when I have to change clothes, they will be right there in the bathroom and easy to find! Yes, I'm an organization freak!

My husband is going to take the older boys hiking on a trail tomorrow but when he gets back, I'm planning to head back to school. I didn't get a couple of my errands done so I have to do those and since I'll be nearly to school...


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