Monday, August 12, 2013

Time is ticking down. I start inservice in two days. Part of me is ready and part of me is never ready.

I was thinking about all the teachers that were probably at school this past weekend. I was really glad that I wasn't! I've done all I can do!

I'm waiting for my step-dad to finish a couple shelves that I've had him work on. One is a bookshelf that has a side that faces the books out and a regular bookshelf on the back. It also has bins on the top. It is too tall to see over. So I asked him to cut off the sides for the side that faces the books out, and I'm going to use it against a wall for a regular bookshelf.

The other shelf is one that is divided into cubby holes. I use it for my science center. The insides are in good shape, but the outside looks pretty shabby. Also the back is popping off. He is covering the sides, top, and back with thin sheets of oak.

I went over to my parents' house yesterday to pick up my kids and checked on the progress. He hasn't started the bookshelf yet, but it isn't going to take long. He's got the science shelf all built and stained and just has to varnish it. It looks really great!

Inservice starts at 7:45 am at the high school which is in a different town than my school. I'm going to have to take my pets (two geckos and five fish in two tanks), my plants and hopefully the shelves to school the day before. We have open house at 2 and at 5 that day so I want to make sure it's all ready. And I can't leave the lizards in the car that long. So that will be my final trip!!!!

I'll take some pictures of the final product so I can brag it up!

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